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About Cliff

Husband, Father, Family Man, Professional Man, and Spiritual Man.  Get the 411 below.

About The Barber

Clifton McGarity III, Husband, Father, Community Leader:

Clifton McGarity III, is married to the lovely Ms. Theresa Scruggs McGarity.  They both are local residents and graduates of Mt. Clemens High School.  He is the father of three lovely children and the Youth Minister at the North Broadway Church of Christ in Mount Clemens, MI. He and his staff provide a hospitable Christian environment for all youth that’s informative, relative and inspiring to all children.

Family Man:

Clifton McGarity III, has been married for 21 years, and is the father of three (3) children: Nakisha, Nichole and Clifton IV. He and his family are exemplary Christians who are ever reaching out to touch somebody through their love, giving hearts, and through sharing of the wonderful message of God's grace and mercy in their ministry of reconciliation and stewardship as they honor the Lord in their home.

Professional Man:

Clifton McGarity is an ordained preacher, deacon, a graduate of Mount Clemens High School, a four year graduate from Midwestern Christian Institute in Mount Clemens, where he earned a Bachelors of Theology degree with honors and is a graduate from Michigan Barber School where he qualified to be a licensed barber/hair stylist. He has been a member of the North Broadway Church of Christ in Mount Clemens the majority of his life. He has been blessed to be tutored by his minister, James E. Thompson, DD, the elders, the deacons , great family members and by many other members of the local congregation.

If you want more than just a hair cut, but a life changing experience of cutting out the unhealthy habits we as people can fall into in this life, talk to Cliff about that life changing experience in Christ.  It made the absolute difference in his life.  Be blessed.

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